Client Stories

Deep Yoga Embrace Accountants

Why use a Professional Accountancy Firm?

“As a fledgling business we felt it prudent to seek professional help from the onset. Applying the advice given by Embrace we can already see that we are operating in both a financial and tax efficient manner".


What were your problems or issues, that needed help?

“The founders of Deep Yoga all have business experience drawn from working in large multinational companies, but none of us really had an awareness of best business practices. We quickly realised that if we did not employ professional help from the very beginning we would employ bad and inefficient practices, which would eventually cause more work for us later”.


Why pick Embrace Accountants?

“Having spent some time looking for an accountancy firm that best fit our circumstances, Embrace was suggested to us by others in our industry. Immediately it was clear the ethos of Embrace mirrors our own, from simple concepts such as sustainability (the use of modern, paperless and digital resources), through to understanding our specific business needs. Similarly, assigning a specific accounts manager from the onset meant continuity and a very personal touch, both being important to us”.


What have been some of benefits of using Embrace’s services?

“Immediately, the transformation in how we planned to structure our business created an obvious efficiency in our operating procedures. Embrace’s expertise was utilized immediately in developing both a clear and sound financial management system. Including, ensure our financial statements are up to date. This is achieved by routinely updating our budgets, tracking expenses and income through clear financial records/procedure put in place by Embrace. These not only allow us to clearly monitor the health of our business finances, but also mean submitting our tax returns is not a laborious and dreaded task”.


Would you recommend Embrace, and why?

“Absolutely, our decision to employ Embrace Accountants has already added value to our business, offsetting there professional fees. This along with their personal attention to detail has helped foster a sense of security in our financial best practices, which was lacking before they were retained”.

Deep Yoga

Dr Gurdeep Singh Athwal, Director, Deep Yoga